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Ques. : 1   India will launch a second multi-spectral remote sensing satellite LAPAN A2/Orari of which of the following countries? The LAPAN A1/Tubsat was also launched in India in 2007.
1) Malaysia 2) Indonesia
3) Philippines 4) Thailand
5) Vietnam Show Answer
Ques. : 2   The govt has canceled the FCRA licence of the NGO Greenpeace India. What does the term FCRA stand for?
1) Foreign Contribution Regulations Act 2) Foreign Company Regulations Act
3) Foreign Cooperation Regulations Act 4) Foreign Coordination Regulations Act
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 3   The ONGC Videsh has acquired 5 % stake in Vankor field which is the second largest field by production of
1) Kazakhstan 2) Turkmenistan
3) Tajikistan 4) Russia
5) Uzbekistan Show Answer
Ques. : 4   Which of the following states on 3 Sep bagged the Skoch Order-of-Merit national award for implementing e-governance initiatives in the state?
1) Karnataka 2) Tamil Nadu
3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Telangana
5) Haryana Show Answer
Ques. : 5   The Reserve Bank of India will shortly put into circulation ________ coins to commemorate golden jubilee of Indo-Pak War 1965.
1) Rs 1 2) Rs 2
3) Rs 5 4) Rs 50
5) Rs 65 Show Answer
Ques. : 6   ___________ city would soon be declared as the first total HIV/AIDS literate district in the country. The “Jyothirgamaya” project helped the city achieved the feat.
1) Thrissur 2) Kochi
3) Ernakulam 4) Palakkad
5) Kollam Show Answer
Ques. : 7   Vassiliki Thanou was sworn in as the first female Prime Minister of which of the following countries recently? The Supreme Court appointed her as the head of a caretaker govt until next snap election.
1) Thailand 2) Greece
3) Egypt 4) Turkey
5) Spain Show Answer
Ques. : 8   The Teachers’ Day is observed in India on 5 Sep. On this day, PM Narendra Modi released the commemorative coins of Rs 125 & Rs 10 to mark the 125th birth anniversary of
1) Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 2) Vallabhbhai Patel
3) Lal Bahadur Shastri 4) Zakir Husain
5) Rajendra Prasad Show Answer
Ques. : 9   The ICICI Lombard General Insurance has tied up with Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB) for sale of its products. The private sector bank CSB is headquartered at
1) Thrissur, Kerala 2) Chennai, Tamil Nadu
3) Nadia, West Bengal 4) Cuttack, Odisha
5) Pune, Maharashtra Show Answer
Ques. : 10   The __________ state govt has renamed the Wheeler Island in Bhadrak district as Abdul Kalam Island.
1) Karnataka 2) Tamil Nadu
3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Telangana
5) Odisha Show Answer