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Ques. : 1   The ONGC Videsh has won offshore oil and gas block in Taranaki basin in which of the following countries? It is the first Indian firm to win a block in that country.
1) New Zealand 2) Australia
3) Mexico 4) Kazakhstan
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 2   Which of the following has become the first African country to use electronic ballots in its general elections?
1) Namibia 2) Zambia
3) Eritrea 4) Zimbabwe
5) Botswana Show Answer
Ques. : 3   Who among the following has become the youngest ever World Champion in snooker? He has won IBSF World Snooker Championship at the age of 14 years.
1) Zhao Xintong 2) Kristanut Lertsattayathorn
3) Mohammed Sajjad 4) Yan Bingtao
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 4   Which of the following days was celebrated, recently, as National Milk Day in the memory of Dr Verghese Kurien, Father of India’s White Revolution?
1) 21 Nov 2) 23 Nov
3) 26 Nov 4) 29 Nov
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 5   Mendipathar is the first and the only railway station so far of which of the following states?
1) Manipur 2) Tripura
3) Arunachal Pradesh 4) Meghalaya
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 6   In the annual global update released by Global Financial Integrity (GFI), which of the following countries has been ranked on top in terms of the quantum of black money moving out of a country for 2012?
1) India 2) China
3) Russia 4) US
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 7   The foreign banks operating in India are being brought on par with local banks in priority sector lending targets, in a phased manner over five years starting Apr 2013. Only those foreign banks with ________branches, comes under the above regulation.
1) 2 2) 5
3) 8 4) 10
5) 20 or more Show Answer
Ques. : 8   The Russian-Nepalese player Anish Giri is associated with which of the following games?
1) Chess 2) Badminton
3) Archery 4) Billiards
5) Golf Show Answer
Ques. : 9   Bangladesh has inked trade and land allocation deals with which of the following countries? The trade deal would allow the two countries duty free access to 90 of each other’s products.
1) China 2) India
3) Bhutan 4) Myanmar
5) Sri Lanka Show Answer
Ques. : 10   The state-run power equipment maker BHEL has commissioned a 28-MW hydro power project in which of the following African countries financed under the Govt of India’s Line of Credit?
1) Rwanda 2) Uganda
3) Tanzania 4) Kenya
5) Zambia Show Answer