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Ques. : 1   Which of the following states has announced a liquor policy to make state liquor free in a decade recently?
1) Maharashtra 2) Tamil Nadu
3) Kerala 4) Madhya Pradesh
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 2   Ragala Venkat Rahul bagged India's first medal of the second Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China recently. He is a
1) weightlifter 2) pugilist
3) long jumper 4) triple jumper
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 3   Oscar-winning Director Richard Attenborough died at 90 recently. He is known for his film
1) Titanic 2) Gandhi
3) Jurassic Park 4) Terminator
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 4   The External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj visited which of the following countries on a three-day visit recently? India has robust economic relations with the country with bilateral trade of 8 billion dollars.
1) Cambodia 2) Vietnam
3) Malaysia 4) Indonesia
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 5   Prof Jitendra Narayan Dash has been selected for the prestigious Central Sahitya Akademi’s Bal Puraskar for this year. He is a noted
1) Bengali writer 2) English writer
3) Hindi writer 4) Odia writer
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 6   The State ministers in-charge of drinking water and sanitation met in New Delhi to evolve a strategy for the speedy implementation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission of ‘Swachh Bharat’. The mission is to be completed by
1) 2015 2) 2017
3) 2019 4) 2021
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 7   The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) has recommended the fair and remunerative price (FRP) for sugarcane for the 2015-16 season at
1) Rs 210 per quintal 2) Rs 230 per quintal
3) Rs 250 per quintal 4) Rs 280 per quintal
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 8   Jnanpith award winner UR Ananthamurthy died recently. He was a noted writer of ________literature and his famous literary works include “Samskara” (ritual).
1) Kannada 2) Tamil
3) Telugu 4) Malayalam
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 9   The Govt has announced to spend about what amount initially on various IT and telecom projects under the 'Digital India' programme?
1) Rs 49,500 cr 2) Rs 59,500 cr
3) Rs 69,500 cr 4) Rs 79,500 cr
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 10   The sports ministry approved the names of the athletes recommended by Kapil Dev-led panel for Arjuna Award 2014. Who among the following is NOT included in the list?
1) Renubala Chanu (Weightlifting) 2) Heena Sidhu (Shooting)
3) Anirban Lahiri (Golf) 4) Ravichandran Ashwin (Cricket)
5) Manoj Kumar (Boxing) Show Answer