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Ques. : 1   The DRS system is associated with which of the following games? The Indian sports body of the concerned sport has been opposing the system since its inception?
1) Cricket 2) Boxing
3) Football 4) Hockey
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 2   The direct benefit transfer scheme of which of the following countries became the largest direct benefit transfer scheme recently with more than 2.5 cr beneficiaries?
1) China 2) Brazil
3) India 4) Indonesia
5) Mexico Show Answer
Ques. : 3   Which of the following terms is NOT associated with banking/finance?
1) OFS 2) FPO
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 4   Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, who was granted bail and later rearrested by Pakistan under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO), is wanted in India in connection of
1) 2001 Parliament attacks 2) 2000 Red Fort attacks
3) 2002 Akshardham Temple attacks 4) 2008 Mumbai attacks
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 5   Which of the following three countries are preparing to sign an intelligence-sharing agreement which will be strictly limited to the North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes?
1) The US, Vietnam and South Korea 2) The US, Malaysia and South Korea
3) The US, Indonesia and South Korea 4) The US, Japan and South Korea
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 6   For the first time in history, the BJP now has more state legislators (MLAs) than any other party in the country. What is the total number of MLAs of BJP across the country as in Dec 2014?
1) 949 2) 1058
3) 1169 4) 1270
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 7   Satya Nadella, who visited India and met PM Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley and Ravi Shankar Prasad recently, is the current global CEO of
1) Google 2) Microsoft
3) Oracle 4) IBM
5) Apple Show Answer
Ques. : 8   India has announced what amount as contribution to the Tsunami Trust Fund of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)?
1) USD 1 mn 2) USD 1.2 mn
3) USD 1.8 mn 4) USD 2 mn
5) USD 2.3 mn Show Answer
Ques. : 9   What is the investment target set by the govt from the private sector under Swachh Bharat Mission in urban areas?
1) Rs 4,874 cr 2) Rs 14,623 cr
3) Rs 42,512 cr 4) Rs 62,009 cr
5) None of these Show Answer
Ques. : 10   The DRDO’s Panchi had its maiden flight on Dec 24 from an airfield at Kolar in Karnataka. Panchi is a
1) basic trainer aircraft 2) advanced trainer aircraft
3) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) 4) military transport aircraft
5) None of these Show Answer